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Relax your mind, rejuvenate your body and connect with your soul at the Balinese-inspired Amoaras Relaxation Spa. A sanctuary of lake views and serene calmness, let your cares be kneaded away as you relax into our signature spa rituals using all-natural ingredients.
Foot Massage 30 minutes
Using reflexology techniques, this foot pampering session improves blood circulation, relieves stress, tension and fatigue.

Tension Massage 30 minutes
An extra touch for your head and back, it focuses on the pressure points to refresh your body and mind. A great way to help relieve stress and jet lag!

Amoaras Body Scrube 45 minutes
Amoaras Body Scrub

Holiday Villa Muscle & Tissue Massagee 45 minutes
Created specially for the lymphatic system and circulation of the lymph fluids, it increases blood circulation, relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress. Be at rest as the rhythmic technique of this massage brings harmony to your entire body.

Amoaras Relaxing Massage 60 minutes
This relaxing treatment using a wide range of aromatic oils will have our masseur kneading you to pure bliss. The gentle pressure will result in soft, supple and silky skin and a completely relaxed and rejuvenated you!

Aromatherapy Body Massage 60 minutes
Using ancient Chinese techniques, this massage focuses on pressure on the Meridian points to relieve muscle spasm and tension. Rejuvenating and awakening to the senses, it also helps with the well being of all the internal organs of the body.

Traditional Balinese Massage 70 minutes
Feel your body loosen up as your entire body, including your face and head are massaged using conventional local methods. Completely blissful, this will improve the healing of pulled muscles and sprained ligaments, reduce spasm, scar tissue and swelling of the body.

Amoaras Royale 90 minutes
Package includes a 1.5-hours session, with ● traditional Balinese massage ● traditional body scrub ● aromatherapy bath ● 30 minutes of sauna and Aromatic steam session

Amoaras Indulgence 120 minutes
Package includes a 3-hours session, with ● traditional Balinese massage ● traditional body scrub ● revitalizing aromatherapy bath ● a choice of foot massage, traditional hair cream bath or natural facial ● 30 minutes of sauna and Aromatic steam session

*All prices are inclusive of 6% government tax.

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